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Zach Schubert started the VeganTravelAgent from personal experience and the hassle that comes with becoming a vegan in this world. He realized that changing to a healthier lifestyle is not an easy task when it’s so much easier to just go with the flow.

With so many temptations when traveling, people trying to convince you otherwise in a dishonest way, and little information out there in terms of vegan-friendly activities and restaurants, keeping a plant-based diet while traveling can be just plain frustrating. And that’s why He created this website—to help vegans navigate this world as well as enjoy it as vegans.

From a marketing professional to an investor, Zach Schubert has a story of entrepreneurship behind him. He is a passionate vegan and a living example of how a life spent in service to others is a life well invested. Zach Schubert is one of the most influential investors in the vegan community. He has invested in some of the top vegan companies out there. These investments have given these companies a boost not only financially but socially as well. His investment is only part of what’s helping to promote the plant-based revolution.

The VeganTravelAgent has helped thousands of vegans find amazing vegan restaurants around the globe, often in very non-vegan-friendly places! Zach Schubert has personally visited over 39 countries and eats out multiple times per day, every day. Zach Schubert is the world-renowned Vegan traveler; especially recognized for his incredible work ethic and insatiable appetite (he’s eaten more than 1,000 vegan meals worldwide).